This gallery provides an opportunity for collectors to present mainly out-of-production IWC-watches to fellow collectors and supply some technical data as well as pictures. This compilation will probably never be complete, and I regret that I cannot guarantee for the correctness of the submitted data.

I do, however, appreciate any suggestion, comment or addendum of data and pictures. Feel free to contact me at

The references are sorted by "families" an then by reference numbers. You will get a data sheet as a jpg-file by clicking on the pictures in the sub-menus. It is also available as a pdf-file in higher resolution.


I added a column called "Osscillations and lift angle" ('Halbschwingungen und Hebungswinkel') in the "Overview" section ('Übersicht'). This data is valuable information for those collectors who check their watches in a timing machine.


A great amount of IWC watches was specifically developed and built for military use. I would therefore like to pick up an idea from the IWC-forum ( and present these watches in a special place of the gallery.

Since there are pilots' watches as well as watches for the marine, both with a different "family tree", you will find these military watches in this special military section as well as in their respective "familiy" section.


More information about other brands, visits and events concerning watches and watchmaking you will find at

This gallery lives on the watches from colletors. If you want to contribute to it, please send your information to The watches will be presented anounymously without mentioning of the owner. Serial an case numbers can be blanked out on request.

Plaese send high resolution pictures of any format with a size of approximately one to three MB and add as many of the following specs as you can:

- Name of the watch
- Reference number
- Period of production
- Date of purchase

- Movement caliber
- Movement diameter
- Movement hight
- Balance frequency
- Number of jewels

- Case diameter
- Case hight
- Waterproofness
- Lug width

- Special features

Please send all data to

Thank you for visiting the IWC-Gallery. I hope you enjoyed it.